Bushra Ansari states as you age there’s nothing wrong taking a little ‘support’

Age is just a number!

Actor Bushra Ansari shared her candid thoughts on cosmetic surgery during a recent interview. Expressing her reservations about going under the knife, she highlighted the potential risks and uncertainties associated with such procedures. Ansari revealed that while she believes in seeking some ‘support’ as one ages, she opts for subtle enhancements. “I think there’s an age where you need a little support. For instance, I get my brow lift sometimes, I go to Shaista [Lodhi]. I don’t feel there’s anything wrong with that. It’s my age that I like if there’s a lift on my face, but I don’t get anything done under my eyes. I don’t want to overdo it [so] that I look plastic. I don’t even want to get lip fillers.” Addressing accusations of getting lip fillers, the actor said, “I cleverly put a dark outline and then fill it with light lipstick to achieve a desired effect.” She emphasised her apprehension of noticeable changes in her face, as she believes that any alterations would be easily discernible and subject to scrutiny. Kudos to her for her honesty that many people do opt for subtle enhancements and not sweeping it under the rug.