Shae Gill collaborates with Turkish singer Evdeki Saat for Coke Studio Global

Global Collab

Following her record-breaking debut song Pasoori with Ali Sethi and her recent collision with Asim Azhar for Bulleya, Shae Gill is now collaborating with Turkish singer Evdeki Saat for a new song One Love for Coke Studio Global season 2. One of the rising names of alternative pop, Saat reached new heights with 2020’s Uzunlar V1, which has over 120 million Spotify streams to date. Commenting on the collision song, he said, “It’s always exciting to be involved in Coke Studio as a musician. The project itself is so exciting. A global collaboration was something that I wanted to experience in my music career. I always love to connect with other musical cultures. Shae is a great representative of her culture, also a great musician. I enjoyed the challenging process of our decision on making of the song.” Meanwhile Gill said, “The inspiration for the track was based around the themes of romance, new love and the open expression of love. It was a pleasure collaborating with him because he’s such a gifted and kind person. On top of that I felt like we made a lot of sense musically and that just made this collaboration more exciting.”