Letters To The Editor

“When you change your thoughts, remember to also change your world.”–Norman Vincent Peale

Public Library in Jamshoro

Libraries are essential components of civilization because they serve as entryways to knowledge and culture. The tools and services they provide foster learning possibilities, advance literacy and education, and assist mould fresh viewpoints that are essential to a society that is inventive and creative. Libraries are synonymousÊwith education and provide a wealth of learning possibilities that can stimulate social, cultural, and economic growth Many of the historically and culturally significant collections found in libraries can be found nowhere else in the world.

. In Jamshoro, it is irony that the district lacks a public library where we can read books and read literature. Jamshoro is a vast city, having four universities and hundreds of thousands of students studying at these universities. Although, these universities have libraries but unfortunately only students can access it. People like me find no place to go and access literature about science, technology, art, humanities, etc. Unfortunately, no authority has realized to have a public library for our young eager-beaver readers. It is an era of education. Pakistan, particularly Sindh, must spend a handsome amount of budget on education. It is an irony that Pakistan spends hands-tightly on education. Government needs to open libraries in all the districts, tehsils, union councils, and even in villages. Federal and provincial governments need to work on this project collectively. The more we have libraries, the more our minds become powerful.

Imtiaz Essa Halepoto,

Alarming increase in drug consumption among youngsters

The majority of the country's young drug addicts come from the privileged class, and their number is disturbingly high. According to reports, Pakistan has about 27 million current drug users. This alone ought to have been enough to shake the system as a whole out of its ambivalence and denial. However, nothing has changed, and everything is proceeding as usual. Crystal meth, also known as ice, is reportedly one of the most popular drugs among students and has ruined many young lives. Youth who abuse substances repeatedly frequently struggle in a variety of ways, including in school, with their physical and mental health, with their peer connections, and with involvement in the juvenile prison system. In addition, there are repercussions for the community, society as a whole, and family members. The health impacts of teen drug use include accidents injuries (such as car accidents), physical illnesses and impairments, and the effects of probable overdoses. Youth who use alcohol and other drugs in disproportionately high numbers run a higher risk of dying by suicide, homicide, accident, and disease. Aside from personal hardships, teenage drug use can put many elements of family life in danger and cause family crises, often leading to disintegration. Parents should keep a check on the activities of youngsters and closely monitor their friend circle to make sure that their kids don’t get trapped in drug consumption.

Humaira Shakeel,