Protect your child from skin conditions this Monsoon Season

  • 15 Jul - 21 Jul, 2023
  • Mag The Weekly

Even though kids might enjoy getting wet in the rain, their parents hate it. Your kids run the danger of developing various skin problems that are common during the monsoon season, in addition to the obvious risks of getting a fever or having their clothes and faces covered with chilly, muddy smudges. The monsoon season is when kids are most likely to become soaked. They might become more prone to fungus infections as a result. Atopic dermatitis flare-ups are very frequent due to the greater humidity levels, and they can also result in various bacterial infections. Additionally, they could develop heat rashes and susceptibility to bug bites. The priority should be on helping the child develop a strong immune system through a balanced diet, adequate hydration, and good cleanliness. But if you want to shield them against skin problems brought on by the monsoon, there are several skincare guidelines you must go by.

Don't allow them to sit in drenched attire.

Doctors recommended bathing them immediately and never letting them sit in wet clothes. Keep clothes dry in this humid climate, and iron them lightly to keep the fabric dry and comfortable. Avoid synthetics – breathable cottons are the best option, and it is suggested to rinse clothes with an antiseptic solution to prevent fungal build-up in clothes.

Keep their skin dry but moisturized

Use soft, well-dried microfiber towels to keep the skin dry, especially in places where perspiration is more likely to occur. In order to prevent the transmission of infection, doctors advised against sharing personal belongings like towels. Powders that are anti-fungal can be applied to the skin to keep it dry. After showering, it's important to apply a thin layer of moisturiser all over their body because doing so will assist their skin's lipid barrier recover. Apply calamine lotion on rash-affected areas. After showering, wipe and apply powder on body folds to remove any remaining moisture.

Bathe them with lukewarm water

Avoid taking hot baths since they could rob your skin of its natural hydration. Use lukewarm water and gentle soaps to wash the skin. Make sure the soap's components are mild, devoid of parabens, and appropriate for your child's sensitive skin. Wash your child's head with a pH-balanced gentle shampoo two to three times a week because moisture and sweat have a tendency to block pores.

Make use of mosquito repellants

Use mosquito repellents to keep your child safe from common mosquito borne diseases. applying a soothing lotion to avoid excessive scratching of mosquito bites. Use mosquito repellent patches or bands when they play outdoors. Despite all your care, if your child develops any skin issues during the monsoon season, seek timely medical advice and appropriate treatment from your dermatologist.