Styling Embroidered Ensembles

A beautifully crafted piece of embroidery will make any garment pop and it’s the perfect way to infuse a little whimsy into your style. Embroidery is also an easy way for minimalist dressers to add an interesting detail to a simple outfit.

Throw on an embroidered dupatta over a monochromatic outfit or carry a heavy embellished outfit to set the tone of your style this wedding season. Since it can be easy to go overboard with this whimsical trend, the key is to keep it to one embroidered piece per look. Pro tip: Match part of your look to a colour featured in the embroidery, for example, if the colour red is prominent in the embroidery, wear red heels but make sure to keep the rest of the look neutral.

Women’s embroidered dresses are timeless garments that have been around for centuries. It is a beautifully complex art form that has been passed down from generation to generation. Embroidery is the art of using a needle and thread to decorate fabrics and other materials. It is a craft that has been practiced for thousands of years and has evolved over time.

Eastern embroidered dresses are beautiful and intricate pieces of clothing that have been passed down through generations. When you’re trying to find ways to style your own embroidered dress this summer, remember to let the dress really take centre stage with your extravagant style.

• Coordination: Umer Mushtaq
• Hair & Makeup: Nighat Misbah@Depilex
• Designer: Mona Imran
• Photography & Styling: Yasser Sadiq
• Jewellery: Ombre
• Featuring: Kiran Ashfaque