Keep Students Motivated With these Back-to-School Organization Ideas

  • 29 Jul - 04 Aug, 2023
  • Mag The Weekly

To help your entire family start the school year off right, we've rounded up the best back-to-school organization ideas – no matter what grade their preparing for.

Stock up on school supplies

A new set of coloured pencils, crayons, markers, glue sticks, and other supplies are available for the new school year. Maintain order by allocating a compartment to each category in a revolving caddy.

Lunch box with compartments is a great pick

Packing lunch is simple with box with four useful sections There is a large area for the main course, such as a sandwich or sushi roll, as well as smaller areas for sauces, snacks, and desserts. Add a motivational message for your child, and you're done.

Sort supplies into trays.

If your child has the tendency to toss everything haphazardly into their drawers, pick them up a set of draw organizers. This way, everything has a place.

Plan dinners in advance

Between driving to after-school activities and helping with homework, you've got limited time to cook dinner during the school year. Try to plan, shop and prep for your meals over the weekend, so you can stress less Monday through Friday.

Always use sticky notes

For reminders you just can't forget, write them on a sticky note and place them where they're most helpful. Put a list of college application to-dos to your teenager's laptop or place a sticky note on the door to remember sneakers for the class field trip.

Hang a chore chart

Weekdays can be hectic. Keep your kids on task by hanging a dry-erase chart that lets them easily track daily chores and tally up their points at the end of the week.

Corral essentials in a bedside shelf

For college freshman preparing to move into dorms for the first time, maximizing space is a must. This bedside tray clips onto the side of your bed, creating a place to store devices, school supplies or snacks.

Pick up a new backpack

No matter their age, they'll love starting the school year off with a brand-new backpack. Let them pick something in their favorite color or pattern, and they'll be more inspired to keep it clean and organized.

Keep wires organized on the go

High school and college students will inevitably be lugging around their laptop, iPad and cell phones to and from class – so help them keep their tech accessories tangle-free. They can spend less time searching their backpack for wires and more time focused on the lesson!

Set a morning routine

Late on the first day? Not a good look. Keep stragglers in line by setting an alarm clock or timer to ring at strategic intervals, like 10 minutes before the bus comes.

Encourage students to clean their locker

Whether you've got a first-time middle schooler or notoriously messy high schooler, these magnetic organizers will come in handy at school. They're perfect for writing utensils and crafting supplies, plus beauty products and hand sanitizers.

Stock up on after-school snacks

If your kids come home ready to raid the refrigerator and pantry, dedicate specific zones for after-school snacks. This way, they won't make a mess digging through your organized pantry and you can have a say in what snacks they're eating.

Create more desk storage

Help your teen stay organized, whether at home or in their college dorm. This desktop shelf is great for storing textbooks, binders and art supplies.