5 Ways to Style Your Coffee Table

A collection of coffee table décor ideas that you can combine and match to create your own distinctive appearance and breathe new life into your room!

Place Your favourite tabletop decor on a tray

A tray can serve as a decorative accent, a way to incorporate colour and texture, and a vessel to hold various items.

Start with books

A stack of design books, topped with a crystal geode, kettle, vase, or a small box or bowl, is the perfect way to decorate a coffee table

Add an Ottoman

Place a colourful ottoman with your coffee table for an instant lift in the room.

Accessorise with games

If you’re someone who fancies party or board games, go for well-designed editions that make for a fun display and keep ’em out as coffee table centerpieces.

Add candles

candles can set the perfect relaxing mood in even the most cramped of spaces.