Syeda Tuba Anwar On The Rise

It’s that time of the year again when the temperature soars high and we all become a little more outgoing when the sun shines bright. There’s still so much to look forward to in this season. With so many opportunities to dress up and go out with friends or family, you can use fashion as an excuse to get together with your loved ones.

The summer season offers a variety of events like weddings, hanging out with friends, formal dinners, movie nights, Eid lunches, get-togethers with friends and what not! So why not take advantage and dress up in your favourite Eastern outfit?

And for all of these happening events, Pakistani ethnic ensembles are great options. They can be shimmer, sequined, embellished or brightly printed in various lustrous materials and designs to suit different styles and preferences.

You can’t go wrong with a traditional cut long kameez with a matching trouser or a shalwar. This quintessential staple is the perfect attire for almost any occasion. It’s a great option for a formal get-together or even for your besties’ pre wedding festivities. Lightly embroidered outfits can really set a summer vibe. Also, a dupatta is the perfect accessory to add a pop of colour to any outfit. It can instantly dress up any outfit from casual to formal.

When it comes to choosing the colours, as much as we love to wear light and pastel coloured outfits in summers, darker colour outfits are a perfect match for parties and events. You can accessorise with statement jewellery pieces to complete the look.

• Coordination: Umer Mushtaq
• Hair & Makeup: Nighat Misbah@Depilex
• Designer: Huma Yahya by Kulijume
• Photography: Hussain Piart
•Jewellery: Esfir