Humayun Saeed

Watched #John last night and really enjoyed it. A good film over all with a gripping script and nice direction by Babar Ali. Excellent performances by Saleem Mairaj, Romaisa Khan, Aashir Wajahat and Raza Samo. Do go and watch!

Ushna Shah

Every Muslim has borne witness to our Prophet (PBUH) as the last messenger of God. Every Muslim has prayed Darood Sharif for our beloved Prophet and his Ummah. Hence, every Muslim, from every sect, feels pained by the blood-curdling history of Ashura. This is not a time for division, but for unity in mourning.

Asim Azhar

Pakistan Shaheens become the emerging Asia Cup 2023 champions! #HamzaKhan becomes the World Junior Squash Champion after 37 years for Pakistan. What a day for Pakistan Sports. Future is in good hands. #PAKvIND #EmergingAsiaCup2023

Anoushey Ashraf

If I had a stone to throw at every motorcyclist coming the wrong way without a helmet, I’d run out of stones in half a day. This is so infuriating. #frustrated

Shehzad Roy

Our very own Dr Abdus Salam with #Oppenheimer, in this picture! In my show Wasu aur Mein, I highlighted that, Dr Abdus Salam is celebrated across the world, including Bangladesh, and resultantly faced criticism. We cannot innovate with this mindset!