It’s painful to even watch the child in this condition… to do is beyond my mind… This is the ugly representation of our society… it’s time we worry for who we have become… monsters? #JusticeFor_Rizwana May the Almighty bless you with speedy recovery... little flower!

Mawra Hussain, like any of us, is extremely disappointed in the society as Rizwana, the minor domestic maid was allegedly beaten by a civil judge's wife, and is in a critical condition. Little Rizwana's case demonstrates the callousness with which most well-off people treat the poor. It is about time for the authorities to take strict action against the culprits.


On the #WorldNatureConservationDay, let's renew our commitment to Mother Earth. It's time to cherish and safeguard our natural treasures. Plant a tree, clean up a beach, or spread awareness about wildlife conservation. Every step counts!

Every year on July 28th, World Nature Conservation Day acknowledges that the foundation for a healthy society is a healthy environment. Adnan Siddiqui wants us to commit to our home, our planet and take steps to safeguard the natural treasures the Almighty has blessed us with. Every little step in the right direction will benefit us in the long run.


While on the subject of Pakistan’s economy. Petrol back up by 20 rupees. Inflation up by 28.3%! Seeing significant change in our field of business, with businesses closing down, unpaid wages, and job losses in PR & Events. #Pakistan #economy

Amid soaring prices and slumping economy, the inflation rate in Pakistan has increased by 3.46 per cent reaching 28.3 per cent in July, a publication reported citing the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS). Frieha Altaf shared her concerns that how businesses and most importantly, common people are badly affected by our shaky economy.