Kubra Khan

The Ice Maiden!

Watching this gorgeous girl in the last episode of Daldal, one may momentarily forget her ice maiden persona in most serials! Despite seeing her make an effort on the screen, one can’t shake this feeling from one’s mind that she hides her emotions from the audiences. Mostly, her expressions do not flow. Something is stopping her from a bharpur izhar on the tube!

Okay, the thawing of the ice maiden is imminent sooner or later. But, after doing quite a nice job of it in the role of a girl in the conventional household in Sang-e-Marmar ka Dil, one would have thought she would progress quickly. But, not to be. No doubt, she played the ziddi girl of a feudal gharana to the hilt in Alif Allah Aur Insan, and a schizophrenic, earthy Punjaban in Daldal (she was brought up in England in real life), but firstly, she delivers too fast on the screen, and gulps down the dialogues, and secondly, she has a bland expression, except for that dazzling smile of hers. Her bharpoor acting is still not forthcoming.

Maybe, one reason for this could be her roles have mostly been negative. Perhaps, if she ever got a positive character in the future, we will finally see the thawing of the Ice Maiden!



    Rabia commented 3 years ago

    I don't agree. Love her acting skills and her expressions. I think She is absolutely phenomenal and She's the reason why a lot of people, including I, watch Pakistani stuff. She is a blessing to our industry!

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