Global Cuisine Show held at Pakistan’s 1st Food and Agriculture Exhibition


Renowned chefs from Turkey, Azerbaijan, Korea, Italy, and Poland participated in a one-of-its-kind cooking show held at Pakistan’s first Food and Agriculture Exhibition in Karachi. The top international and national chefs created their favourite recipes using Pakistan’s finest ingredients. From rice and spices to meat and poultry – everything they used was homegrown. The global cuisine show was organised by TDAP in collaboration with Karachi’s leading Chinese Restaurant, Chop Chop Wok. The Managing and Founding Partner at Chop Chop Wok, Arsalan Ali, while talking about this initiative said, “The basic purpose of arranging this cooking show is to increase the familiarity of Pakistani ingredients among international chefs. We have an amazing variety of fish, especially tuna, honey, rice, and other products but the world is unaware of it. So, through this platform, we have given them a chance to cook their favourite dishes using our ingredients. This will give a boost to economic stability.”