What’s to watch on Netflix?

  • 19 Aug - 25 Aug, 2023
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A new month looms on the horizon which means lots of new movies coming to Netflix! Here are our top picks of the best and most anticipated new movies that are due to hit your screen in Pakistan this month.

Untold: Swamp Kings
It’s Coming to Netflix: August 22nd

Docu-series looking into Urban Meyers, the football coach who led the Gators to victory. The four-film special will cover multiple topics, including the rise of internet celebrity Jake Paul, Johnny Manziel's time at Texas A&M and perhaps most notably, Urban Meyer's Florida Gators.

Destined with You
Coming to Netflix: August 23rd

Lee Hong-Jo (Jo Bo-Ah) is the lowest grade (level 9) civil servant. She always does her best at work, even though she suffers from many civil complaints. In her personal life, she is used to being alone. One day, she happens to become the owner of an old wooden chest and the key to lift a curse from Jang Shin-Yu (Ro Woon). Jang Shin-Yu is a competent lawyer who is smart and good-looking. He is usually in the spotlight wherever he goes, but he suffers from an unexplained disease. His condition gets progressively worse. He is desperate to life the curse that has run through his family for generations. Jang Shin-Yu seeks help from Lee Hong-Jo, who owns the old wooden chest.

Who Is Erin Carter?
Coming to Netflix: August 24th

Who is Erin Carter? revolves around a British woman who is a teacher in Spain and has been living a double life. The summary of the limited series, as per IMDb, states, "Erin Collantes, a British teacher in Spain who finds herself caught up in a supermarket robbery.

You Are So Not Invited To My Bat Mitzvah
Coming to Netflix: August 25th

You Are So Not Invited To My Bat Mitzvah is an upcoming American comedy drama film directed by Sammi Cohen from a screenplay by Alison Peck, and produced by Adam Sandler. Based on the 2005 young adult novel of the same name, the film stars Sunny Sandler, Samantha Lorraine, Idina Menzel, Jackie Sandler, Adam Sandler, Sadie Sandler, Dylan Hoffman, Sarah Sherman, Dan Bulla, Ido Mosseri, Jackie Hoffman, and Luis Guzmán. It tells the story of two best friends whose bat mitzvah plans get affected by a popular boy that they fight for the attention of.