Humayun Saeed

Congratulations to Sajal Aly, Bilal Lashari, Fizza Ali Meerza, Sarmad Khoosat and all other members of the fraternity on getting their Civil Awards. @Iamsajalali @blashari @fizza999

Ushna Shah

Wishing every Pakistani a happy Independence Day. Let's remember the religious minorities of Pakistan, who deserve the same equal rights and liberties. May we always stand united, protecting the white in our flag.

Sajal Ali

Such a shameful act! Absolutely heartbroken and disgusted. I strongly condemn this act of violence against the minorities. Praying for unity and peace.


Literally exhausted from all the bad news that I’ve consumed. I condemn the persecution of religious minorities, destroying places of worship is EVIL. Please raise your voice and support your fellow citizens.

Kinza Hashmi

#JusticeForFatimaFariro Horrified to the core after watching the CCTV footage of little girl Fatima who was raped and tortured at Pir Asad’s Haveli. We all must raise our voice to end this shameful abuse of children. These aren’t just hashtags but these are LIVES of innocent beings.