A Sarcastic take on how women fall prey to the requirements of looking ‘cool and chic’ in a bid to appear younger
  • 24 Feb - 02 Mar, 2018
  • Ambreen Asim

Just another day, during my wanderlust on the internet, I came across the following line:

‘Don’t regret growing older, it is a privilege denied to many.’

Well, this very adage left me thinking about a lot of bizarre things women start getting equipped with while ageing, a process every living being is entitled to, and nobody can get away with, until and unless they fall prey to the claws of death beforehand.

What is astonishing is the fact that people, especially women, are still befooled by genius marketing strategies hired by the makers of so-called age reversing creams, thinking that they might work wonders for them. Rest is taken care of by fashion designers and hairstylists, who, bitten by the lust of moneymaking at the expense of making the clever look like fools, are out with all their worldly desire of lasting fame.

The crux of the story is that all have gotten their business flourished in the name of making a 60-year-old look like a Barbie doll, aged just 30. Well, has anyone seen a Barbie aged that much? Okay, let's stick to the point of discussion here.

In the following lines, my point of view might be indigestible to many, but what I am going to do is ignore the fact as I consider myself in the line of duty (at least till the very last line of this writing piece).

1. Don’t try too hard: Ever seen kitty party aunties, all decked up in loud make-up, wearing sleeveless kurtis and capri pants? My piece of advice for all of them is to stop robbing your daughter’s closet (in some cases it is their grand-daughter’s, believe me). No matter how hard you try, there is not a single piece of teenage attire that can look good on ladies in their 50s. So please, leave that stuff for the millennials.

2. Age gracefully: Most Hollywood celebrities accept the fact of ageing in a dignified way. Take George Clooney, for example (the name of the handsome hunk might go down well with so many ladies than any of his female counterparts). So yes, you can also look the closest (definitely not the same as Clooney) if… lots of ifs and buts here!

3. Every try comes at a price: Yes, it is this way, believe it or not! You don't have to pay a single cent to make people digest your otherwise younger style sense, obviously, but what you lose is your standing as a sane being. Chances are high that you become a laughing stock for many, who otherwise would laud you for your ‘cool and chic’ style aesthetics.

4. Get rid of loud colours (especially neons): Take my words; loud colours are not for you, let alone the neons. Flashing hands adorned with neon-coloured French tips will do no good to your appearance but only add years. So, refrain from donning the dresses and make-up with flashy hues. Accept the fact that your adolescence is over. Better late than never!

5. Don’t go for an all-over dye job: Once you hit 50, it is high time that you ease up on the hair colour. Go for a natural look instead of the dyes that are instantly recognisable. As for streaking, stick to the two shades of your base colour. You don't want to look like a prom queen in your 50s, do you?


Zeba Bakhtiar: I had the privilege of meeting the beauty icon twice in the course of my career and what I have judged is that the actress is not resilient when it comes to ageing gracefully, and does not make foolish attempts at not looking her age.

Samina Peerzada: She is a style marvel in all her glory, knows how to play the fashion cards well and always sticks to what fashion-and-style restrictions an age number brings.

Seemi Pasha: Once one of the top models, Seemi Pasha could not make quite a name as an actress but hats off to her for not following her counterparts blindly in a bid to look a tad younger. In every appearance, she looks elegant and classy, adjectives not associated with many.


Attiya Khan & Vaneeza Ahmed

More power to these two beautiful ladies, who, after taking the fashion industry by storm with their demeanour, have left the glamour industry with the utmost grace, leaving the space for new entrants; not to mention their style aesthetics and fashion sense that keep changing with every addition of a number to their age. Please take a lesson or two, Nadia!


Bushra Ansari: No matter how good she is at making people laugh and cry with her super duper acting skills, the star is trying too hard to look like a year younger or 10, seriously.

Nadia Hussain: She is a regular feature of our otherwise crazy morning shows. Since the model-turned-actor-turned-beautician, is not getting any prominent offers these days, she is busy working to earn a name and fame as a social butterfly, all dressed up to appear younger than her true self, bids that do not serve the purpose.

Frieha Altaf: Frieha was in the news recently for all the wrong reasons. Yes, the lady got caught in a social media frenzy for uploading the video of a woman who, according to Frieha, was a fashion faux pas. Well, I do not know what Frieha thinks of her style choices but I have a piece of advice for her: ‘Don’t regret growing older, it is a privilege denied to many.’