Once more into the Star Wars breach we go, this time with a spin-off from The Mandalorian, and a continuation of characters introduced in the animated series The Clone Wars and Rebels. If you want to go uber-nerd, it also folds in elements from Timothy Zahn’s early-90s books, such as blue-skinned supervillain Grand Admiral Thrawn. But don’t worry if your knowledge doesn’t run that deep – all you really need to know about this latest series is that Rosario Dawson is reprising her badass Mandalorian role as the titular Jedi padawan. Following the fall of the empire, she’s hurtling around the universe being hunted by her former master. An intergalactic blast.

Are we ready for this yet? A deadly virus outbreak causing many deaths? Agonised phone calls between health professionals and their loved ones? This Korean drama series is set inside a single hospital that, on the face of it, has got on top of the virus just in time. But as the doors are locked and those inside are left to their fate, how is it for them? As rumours begin of extraction lists, what are the ethics of leaving a building full of people to their fate? It’s never particularly subtle but recent events lend Eye of the Storm a certain resonance.

Who Is Erin Carter?
Erin Carter (Evin Ahmad) is living the dream. She has a comfortable expat existence in Barcelona, working as a teacher and sharing a seemingly idyllic life with her husband and children. But, suddenly, she finds herself in the middle of a robbery in a supermarket and everything changes. Erin deals with the crime with a suspiciously deadly, almost professional level of controlled ferocity and it becomes clear she is a woman with a past. How far will she go to conceal her true identity? It’s never knowingly plausible – but it’s lots of schlocky fun.

TV Series
Some knowledge of Norse myth helps the enjoyment of this eccentric series. But as it reaches its third and final season, and the gods infiltrate a (modern) Norwegian town, it continues to work as a straightforward drama and a climate crisis allegory, too. As ever, it’s a clash between the figurative and the literal: the power of certain characters is metaphorical but, on the other hand, the superpowers on display are seemingly very real. Expect the last battle between gods and giants – Laurits is unveiling his pet ouroboros and axes are being sharpened.

Wanted: The Escape of Carlos Ghosn
Crime Series
It’s the kind of yarn that is absolute catnip to streaming commissioners. The story of Carlos Ghosn has already been the subject of a Netflix documentary – now Apple are getting involved with this four-part series about the high-flying businessman turned fugitive. Ghosn was initially arrested, while CEO of Nissan and Renault, for alleged money-laundering. But soon, he’d absconded to Lebanon, apparently hidden in a musical instrument box with breathing holes. The man himself speaks here, and he’s got plenty of explaining to do.