Umeed and Farjad are back in ‘Fairy Tale 2’ and we’re loving them

Season 2

Fairy Tale 2 must be given credit for keeping us engaged and smiling and also concerned at the same time. While Umeed’s non-serious attitude in the meeting was a test of patience and not funny at all, it was a relief and a breath of fresh air to see her bounce back by striking a balance between serious office work and maintaining her fun side. Her character should not be compromised in the name of just living her life, when this is the same Umeed who had a drive, passion and determination in season one. We just want to see her more focused now. The best part was Farjad trying to steal glances at her, checking out where Umeed sits just to get a look at her. While we are totally hooked to the Umeed-Farjad track, we couldn’t help but appreciate Mimi’s positive character. We just love that she is always there for her brother and also cautions her mother. We are also happy to see the mother-in-law finally giving in and visiting Umeed’s house to get them engaged.