Styling Up in Western

Ready to unravel the secrets to styling women’s jackets? As the autumn months approach, it is time to look for inspiration for modern chilly weather outfits. If you are wondering how to combine and wear your jackets, read on for some fresh ideas.

Creating the perfect outfit should not be challenging. But sometimes when you work with garments like women’s jackets, it sure feels like it. You have to think whether the jacket complements the shoes and the accessories, whether it works well colour-wise, or if it fits the overall vibe of the attire you wish to create.

Another stunning and aesthetically pleasing way to wear women’s jackets is by creating a visual contrast between the jacket and the other fashion garments.

That kind of contrast can be achieved by mixing up opposite colours and different types of fabrics. Simply choose a garment that you want to show off, then go in the opposite direction with the jacket, the rest of the clothes, and the accessories. For instance, combine denim with bright-coloured garments or leather with cotton clothing in neutral shades. What a fantastic way to stand out in a crowd for all the right reasons!

Right now, oversized fashion is quite on-trend. So what a greater way to up the vibe of your big bomber jacket or oversized blazer than with a slimming top and oversized bottoms? Of course, make sure the style of the bottoms you choose always matches the style of your women’s jackets.

Also, every woman owns a bunch of solid colour clothes, so finding what to wear would not be a problem. This is a fantastic idea if you don’t want your women’s jackets to look dull compared to the interesting patterns and hues of the rest of your clothing.

• Coordination: Umer Mushtaq
• Hair & Makeup: Nighat Misbah @Depilex
• Styling: Aun Muhammad @Style & Beyond
• Photography: The Rohail
• Featuring: Hira Soomro