‘The Morning Show’ Season 3 trailer unveils dramatic shakeups and takedowns

Makers just released The Morning Show's season three trailer. The footage made it clear that the drama in the UBA newsroom is far from over. And as for what viewers can expect? Well, for starters, longtime anchor Alex Levy (Jennifer Aniston) is clamoring for a chance to move beyond her onscreen role. "I'm all over this network," she tells network CEO Cory Ellison (Billy Crudup). "I need to have a say in the future of this place." When he responds that what she wants is "unprecedented," she defiantly tells him, "I am unprecedented." However, despite her confidence, it's not quite that easy as Cory later tells her, "You want a seat at the grownup table, but it's not your turn, Alex." But rumbling tension between the network CEO and its top talent is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to UBA's troubles. The Morning Show will return for season three in September.