Kinza Hashmi

I strongly condemn the burning of churches in #Jaranwala. We must treat every religion with respect and never resort to violence!

Adnan Siddiqui

Our depravity knows no bounds so it seems. Every day a new Fatima cries for help. This blot is on the collective conscience of all of us. #JusticeforFatima

Zara Noor Abbas Siddiqui

I am so sorry that the Christian community had to go through something so horrible in a Pakistan that Jinnah made. We are ashamed. Because neither this is Jinnah’s Pakistan now, nor a compassionate state.

Ali Rehman Khan
Local heroes with the prayers of the whole nation risking their lives to save lives. Salute to those heroes risking everything in this darkness. Khuda rakhwali karay aur kamyaab karay Ameen. #Battagram #RescueOperation

I just read the post mortem report for Fatima. I just… I cannot list… Can this guy be hanged in public? That poor baby! Pakistan please make an example out of this beast, please do the right thing. #JusticeForFatimaFariro Please, please please.