Make you kitchen a happy place with these colours

Colors can have a huge impact on your mood, so in a room where you spend so much time you want to feel it with the happiest of hues...

Warm Earthy Reds
Warm earth tones – think terracotta, russet, sienna, and coral – are natural fits for a kitchen design and just naturally exude a happy feel.

Pale Pinks
Pastel shades such as soft pinks can help to create a slightly whimsical feel in the kitchen, creating a really playful aesthetic

Sky Blues
Walk into a blue kitchen and you'll instantly feel a lift in your mood.

Sage Greens
Green works exceptionally well when used in monochromatic form, using various shades of the same color to create a striking look.

Soft Yellows
The best colors for kitchens are tones from nature. The fresh, mustard tone we loved as its pure and gives an unadulterated sunshine.