Pakistani influencer told to 'wash dishes' by troll; here's what she did next

  • 02 Sep - 08 Sep, 2023
  • Mag The Weekly
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Influencer Kashaf Ali from Pakistan, who has over 304,000 Instagram followers, is being praised for her humorous reply to a troll. When the influencer posted a story asking for questions from her followers, one of them replied, "Bartan dho jaker [go wash the dishes]". In a witty, yet powerful response, she actually went and did the dishes, earning appreciation from netizens. Ali recorded herself doing the dishes in her kitchen, and followed it up by saying, "Here, I've washed them." She even mentioned how phrases like "go back to the kitchen" and "do the dishes" are used disparagingly when referring to women. She asserted that carrying out the task does not lower her status in any way.