Puma gives birth to rare albino cub in Nicaragua

  • 02 Sep - 08 Sep, 2023
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In a zoo in central Nicaragua, a puma is nursing her month-old snow-white youngster while curled up with eyes awake and ears perked. The tiny, pink-nosed puma at the Thomas Belt Zoo in Juigalpa is the first albino puma to be born in captivity in the nation of Central America and, based on estimates from zoo veterinarian Carlos Molina, one of just four globally. Despite the cub's good health and appetite, Molina cautioned that it is still early and that albino pumas need special attention because they are sensitive to sunlight. The cub and its two spotted and beige siblings are kept in a cage that is sealed to prevent the mother from being upset or mistaking human odours for those of the young, which might lead her to attack them. Because male pumas have been known to kill their offspring, her partner is being kept in a separate enclosure. No personal contact has been made with the veterinarian, and the genders of the litter are yet unknown. The zoo intends to display the kittens to the public once they are three months old. Each year, Thomas Belt welcomes 50,000–60,000 people, according to zoo administration. Pumas can be found all over the Americas, from the Central American rainforests to the high Andean area of southern Peru.