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  • 09 Sep - 15 Sep, 2023
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Fashion

The anarkali suit, more popularly known as the pishwas, has always been a favourite in Pakistani wardrobes for weddings and festive occasions. The richness and intricate detailing on the traditional suit adds to its beauty. The best part? Its long, flowy silhouette makes it super comfortable and easy to carry.

Classic ivory pieces were a famous option back in the days when it came to the colour choices for your traditional pishwas, but nowadays, a bright hued pishwas in different shades of blue, mixed and matched with eye catching colours like red, and yellow, bedecked with gold accents seems to be a good idea when it comes to ethnic dressing. Just be sure to opt for the right jewellery pieces while styling your pishwas. This includes choosing the size of the jewellery, the type and most importantly, the colour combinations which are likely to complement the anarkali beautifully. If you’re someone that loves chunky jewellery, go for a big gold choker, and oversized jhumkas, with drops coordinating with your outfit. Or you can also go for larger than life kundan jewellery. This would grab all the attention instantly!

• Coordination: Thomas Fernandes
• Hair & Makeup: Adeel Sahir
• Designer: Zainab Hasan & Hasan Abbas
• Jewellery: Ombre
• Photography: Yasser Sadiq
• Model: Aleena Sheikh