Poached Chicken Sandwiches with Lime Mayonnaise

  • 16 Sep - 22 Sep, 2023
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Cookery

· ½ bunch parsley sprigs

· 1 tablespoon black peppercorns

· 2 spring onions, chopped

· 4 chicken fillets

· 1 loaf white bread, sliced

· 1 iceberg lettuce, shredded

· 2 cucumbers, thinly sliced

· 1 cup coriander leaves

For Lime mayonnaise

· 1 cup mayonnaise

· Grated zest of 1 lime, plus 2 tablespoons juice

Place the parsley, peppercorns, spring onion and salt in a saucepan filled with cold water and bring to boil. Add the chicken fillets, turn off the heat and cover with the lid. Stand for one hour to poach until cooked through. Remove the chicken and then shred it. Meanwhile, for the mayonnaise, place the mayonnaise, lime zest and juice in a bowl and stir to combine. Season to taste with sea salt. To assemble the sandwiches, spread one slice of bread with some lime mayonnaise, then top with poached chicken, shredded lettuce, cucumber ribbons and coriander leaves. Top with another slice of bread. Repeat with the process until done and serve the sandwiches with different dips.