I will never understand people who come across a defenseless little human/animal and their first instinct is to harm them. What went wrong with these beings? #LucyLetby #JusticeForFatimaFariro #JusticeforRizwana

It is extremely problematic to witness a rapid increase in the cases of child and animal abuse, actress Armeena Khan couldn’t fathom what actually went wrong with our society. How can people be so cruel, violent and heartless is a question that doesn’t have any answer!

Ya Khuda madad kar! Every day is harder than the previous one especially for our lower middle class and below… I urge everyone to help someone everyday… Whatever you can do… every meal counts, every rupee counts! Please help the needy while the leaders are busy with each other in power show and politics… Help each other survive this time! #PetrolDieselPriceHike #dollar

Mawra Hussain urges everyone to help the needy in these testing times where we are witnessing rise in the prices of petrol and electricity units every other day. The necessities and basic food items are even experiencing price hikes on the daily basis. It is becoming extremely difficult for the common man to even live.

Excited and honoured to be on the official Pakistani Academy Awards committee for the selection of our movie that goes as a foreign film to the Oscars. The PASC comprises of @_fawadakhan_ @fbhutto @madeehasyed @SaimSadiq14 @mehreenjabbar @blashari @AhmedAliAkbar @nadiaafgan

A star-studded committee has been announced to select Pakistan’s official entry for the Oscars in the Best International Feature Film category. The members include Bilal Lashari, Saim Sadiq, Fawad Khan, Fatima Bhutto, Mehreen Jabbar, Nadia Afgan and Ahmed Ali Akbar. PR expert Frieha Altaf couldn’t contain her excitement to be a part of the said committee.