Adnan Siddiqui
On this #DefenceDay, we honour the bravery and sacrifice of our heroes who defend our nation with unwavering courage. We are forever grateful for their sacrifices. Pakistan Zindabad!

The #AsiaCup2023 has got me thinking how arrogant and petty is Indian politics to not let their team play a single match properly just so they don’t play on host #Pakistan grounds. They’d rather deal with rain, make their team suffer and compromise the international sport spirit! Sigh

Ushna Shah
Always intrigued by spatial disorientation, especially in aviation. It's astonishing how pilots navigate this blend of psychology, physics, and human experience, challenging our understanding of reality. Can’t wait until I get my wings (PPL)! #SpatialCuriosities #AviationInsights

Azekah Daniel
This is NOT Jinnah’s Pakistan! I strongly condemn this atrocity against the Christian community. Why can’t show some respect for Holy places be it a Church or a Mosque? I stand against these atrocities and unjust acts of violence! I DEMAND JUSTICE FOR ALL.

Nadia Jamil
Incomprehensible why and how Somia Asim Hafeez and Asad Shah are both traipsing around the country, free to injure more children. Who is the judge who granted Somia Asim Hafeez bail? #Rizwana is shattered and keeps asking if she is safe. Whether the woman will find her and hit her again. The heart breaks and cries out for #JusticeForRizwana #JusticeForFatimaFariro.