• 16 Sep - 22 Sep, 2023
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The internet is humming with the buzz of a video of an adorable tiny bumblebee. Katharina Wallén, an Instagram user, recorded a video of a starved bee trying to eat. She saved it, posted the video on social media, and it quickly became popular. A bumblebee is seen in the video clinging onto a woman's shoes while she is out on a walk. The bee appeared to be pursuing the woman while looking for flowers to eat. The woman observed that the bee was hurt and had one of its wings shattered. The bee ate the nectar and pollen excitedly after being presented with a flower by the woman. She made the decision to bring the injured bee home with her after realising that it could not fly. The video demonstrates how she constructed a bee home, gave it flowers, and maintained sugar water for it. She has posted numerous videos of the bumble bee since releasing her first one on August 21 in which she describes its routine, preferred flower, and how it has grown to become a member of her family. She named her pet Sweet Pea and shared its favourite flowers, including sunflowers, poppies, sweet peas, and asters, with users who asked about its preferences.