Saudi man arrested in Riyadh for setting ablaze a bus waiting area

  • 16 Sep - 22 Sep, 2023
  • Mag The Weekly
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According to Saudi authorities, a man was detained in Riyadh, the country's capital, after he allegedly used an ignitable chemical to set a bus waiting area on fire. The General Directorate of Public Security of the monarchy published a video showing a guy dousing the area with the material before lighting it on fire. Regarding the man's motivation, police said nothing. Saudi officials have recently made a number of arrests related to possible arson attacks. In December of last year, Saudi police reported that they had detained a person accused of setting fire to two parked cars after a quarrel with the owners. Police added that the incident had happened outside the house of the car owners in Al Quryyat governorate in Al Jouf region in northern Saudi Arabia due to an unspecified row between them. In November 2021, Saudi police said they had arrested a Yemeni expatriate for having allegedly set ablaze 100 beehives owned by a Saudi citizen after a dispute between the two men. The incident took place in Saudi Arabia’s south-western region of Jazan.