US woman sets Guinness World Record for longest mullet

  • 16 Sep - 22 Sep, 2023
  • Mag The Weekly
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A woman from the US holds the record for the longest competitive female mullet. Tami Manis, a 58-year-old Tennessee native who lives in Knoxville, works as a public health nurse.The official announcement from Guinness World Records claims that Manis "sports a mullet measuring an astonishing 172.72 cm (5 ft 8 in)". The declaration also stated that Manis last had the back of her hair cut on February 9, 1990. Mani claims that her mullet's birthdate is February 9. Manis stated to the record keeper that she initially started growing her hair in the 1980s after viewing a music video for the song Voices Carry by the American new wave band 'Til Tuesday. “The girl had a rattail and I really wanted one of those. I went to get my haircut at a barber shop and the guy really said that’s not my hairstyle and not good on me, but I was like ‘Well, this is what I want,'” she was quoted as saying. After cutting her hair in November 1989, Manis regretted it immediately. This was the moment she had decided to grow them. “I have been blessed that my hair grows and now it’s the world’s longest mullet and I’m very happy with it.” Manis added that a lot of people remember her because of her hairstyle. “I’ve had people recognise me from 20 years ago because I’ve kept the same hairstyle,” she said.