Captain Phillips
Tom Hanks brings his grace-under-pressure actorly qualities to bear on this wonderfully tense fact-based drama. He plays the titular officer in charge of an American container ship en route from Oman to Kenya. They must pass through waters threatened by Somali pirates – and one gang in a small speedboat, led by Barkhad Abdi’s Muse, manage to take the vessel. In typically hyperactive fashion, director Paul Greengrass propels the action from oceanic chase to onboard cat-and-mouse game as the crew and the criminals gain and lose the upper hand. Batten down the hatches.

Coco Chanel Unbuttoned
“It’s much better to be mysterious if you want to leave an image of glory,” says former Chanel model Betty Catroux in this lavish documentary about the fashion house’s revolutionary founder. But was Coco’s secrecy also born of shame around dark life events? In 1946, she told her writer friend Paul Morand her story – it is used here, along with interviews with old friends and insiders, to piece together a fascinating tale.

Questions abound as the last season of this drama about the plotting of the super-rich rumbles on. Will Damian Lewis’s returning character Axe get the favour he seeks from Paul Giamatti’s Chuck Rhoades? And will we really manage to invest in a plotline that involves Wendy running an employee feedback scheme?

El Conde
What would you expect of a film by a feted Chilean director about the country’s brutal dictator Augusto Pinochet, 50 years to the week after the coup that brought him to power? Probably not a vampire comedy – but Pablo Larraín has chosen a witty, ironic way of dealing with his horrific legacy. Having faked his death, 250-year-old bloodsucker Pinochet (Jaime Vadell) is holed up on an island contemplating death. His five avaricious children turn up, as does Paula Luchsinger’s exorcist nun/accountant Carmencita. Shot in black and white (possibly to save us the excess of red blood) and narrated by Margaret Thatcher (Stella Gonet), it’s clearly very silly, but makes its points stylishly.

Helping Our Teens
Teen Drama
What is the best way to ensure young people thrive at school: strict behavioural crackdowns? Or trying a more compassionate approach? This week’s episode follows behavioural expert Marie Gentles as she is pitted against a disciplinarian headteacher. We know whose side we are on.