Awful visuals coming out of Morocco, so much loss and destruction. Sending thoughts and prayers. #moroccoearthquake

Humayun Saeed
A privilege and honour to be acknowledged by the state. Thank you Government of Pakistan for not just the Icon Award but also for finally implementing the long awaited Film and Music Legislation facilitating the film industry in more ways than one. @GovtofPakistan @Marriyum_A

Sehar Khan
Mental disabilities and special needs are a very important matter, and I have immense respect for people who are dealing with them; hence I apologise if I unintentionally hurt anyone.

Ushna Shah
Excited and terrified to read this. One signed copy for me, two signed copies to give away. Will be going live to choose winners soon! @ShahbazTaseer you were never lost, the world kept praying and waiting. #losttotheworld

Osman Khalid Butt
The third episode of Lutrum Putrum, now on YouTube, was the most fun I’ve had shooting in ages, the most nitpicky and OCD I’ve been on an edit, and given the genre (horror-comedy) its sound design took ages. I am SO happy it’s getting such great feedback! #SiyaahSeries