Feeling a lump in my throat, watching videos of grown men and women reduced to suicide, despair and tears. These are very dark times indeed for Pakistan. I wish the poorest, the most vulnerable, strength and salvation from these trials. Sending my prayers to those suffering needlessly.
Amid soaring prices and slumping economy, the inflation rate in Pakistan has been increasing at an alarming rate. Armeena Khan sent her prayers to the most vulnerable citizens who have been hit badly by this skyrocketing inflation.

When I talk about my pre-diabetic status, it's for Type 2. However, for type 1 patients, there’s a nationwide insulin shortage. A friend sourced hers from UAE thanks to good fortune. Heartbreaking to think of others without access to this lifesaving medicine. I fear for our country!
Actress Ushna Shah showed concern for the needy diabetic patients who are most likely to face the nationwide insulin shortage, specifically for people with Type 1 diabetes. With the economy being all shaky, people are even deprived from getting basic necessities and medicines.

Nature releases its fury. Really sad about the floods in Libya, thousands of people are missing. So many dead and missing. This just after the earthquake In Morocco, the toll stands at 3000 there. #Morroco #Libya
Following the unprecedented recent natural disasters in the North African nations of Morocco and Libya the tragedy is compounded for their citizens. Frieha Altaf expressed her deep grievance on these natural calamities that have hit these two nations, claimed thousands of lives and have caused extreme wreck-havoc.