Bilal Maqsood hilariously calls out India for plagiarising the nursery rhyme he created

They copied, again!!

Singer and songwriter Bilal Maqsood has accused an Indian kids show of blatantly copying his original nursery rhyme, “Ek Dou Teen Haathi Nikle,” without his permission. Indian producers once again demonstrated their laziness to create original content and their penchant for “borrowing” content from Pakistani artists. While it is understandable that Bollywood needs our songs to promote their films, this time around they’ve stooped to an all-new low, stealing nursey rhymes. In a tweet, Bilal shared a video comparing parts of his original nursery rhyme with the Indian version, expressing his frustration over the obvious plagiarism. However, instead of anger, he calmly called out the Indian producers, urging them to seek proper copyrights for such content in the future. The former Strings singer’s tweet read, “Someone in India copied my Haathi rhyme. It’s very frustrating, but it’s okay. Next time please ask for copyrights. Originality matters!! but spreading joy knows no borders.”