Lux Style Awards 2023: A well-organized gala marred by controversies

  • 14 Oct - 20 Oct, 2023
  • Wajiha Jawaid
  • Feature

The 22nd edition of Lux Style Award took place at Expo Center, Karachi. Unlike last year, this time the event was well-organized and better rehearsed yet it lacked the luster one had anticipated from such a grand show.

Red carpet was both elaborate and notably less chaotic
The razzmatazz of the LSA began with its splendid red carpet where the real magic happened. The stars graced the scene in their full glory, dressed to the nines, greeted each other and posed for paparazzi. The red carpet at the LSA 2023 featured an intricate circular layout, offering ample space for photographers to capture moments and engage in conversations with the stars. Unlike previous LSA occasions, I observed a higher degree of organization and media accessibility on the red carpet.

Well-rehearsed hosts struggled to engage audience
The award night kicked off with Saba Qamar and Fahad Mustafa taking the charge as the host of the night. Saba exuded radiance in her elegant red gown, while Fahad Mustafa looked dapper in his shimmering tuxedo. Although both looked confident and well-rehearsed but they struggled to hold the show tight. Later in the evening, Durefishan and Ahmed Ali Butt took over as hosts, but their on-stage chemistry seemed lacking. Ahmed Ali Butt attempted to infuse humor into the show, but unfortunately, it didn't resonate with the audience, as not a single burst of laughter echoed throughout the night. Instead of a magical atmosphere, the event felt more robotic.

The electrifying performances set the right mood for the show
The superbly talented singer, Faisal Kapadia teamed up with Pasoori singer Shae Gill and Young Stunners to pay tribute to Pop Legend of Pakistan, Junaid Jamsheed. Their electrifying performance set the bar high for the rest of the night. Later, Kaifi Khalil captivated the audience with his soulful voice. Farhan Saeed and Maya Ali also delighted the audience with their groovy moves and sizzling performance.

Mamya Shaffar steals the spotlight with a magical dance performance
Jhok Sarkar actress Mamya Shaffar was the surprise package of the night. Her performance with Ali Zafar was our favourite act of the evening. Although she performed in front of such a large audience for the first time, but she did it with ease and perfection. Her moves were flawless and the experience to see her dancing was truly serene. Even prior to the main event, she became the center of attention on the red carpet. Dressed in a stunning nude gown, she graciously interacted with the paparazzi while posing alongside her husband.

While giving tribute to Reema Khan, Saba Qamar performed
on Saima’s song
At the LSA, Reema Khan, the iconic figure of Lollywood, was honored with a The Youngest Lifetime Achievement Award ' in recognition of her significant contributions to the industry. Paying tribute to the Lollywood diva, Saba Qamar did a special dance performance featuring Reema's popular songs. However, a major oversight occurred during Saba's performance – the song she chose to perform was originally picturized on Mommar Rana and Saima, not Reema Khan. This was a significant embarrassment for both the LSA team and Reema Khan herself, as it raised questions about their research and preparation. It was indeed regrettable that, despite Reema Khan's illustrious career spanning over two decades, the team could not accurately identify her three most popular songs.

Controversy is the second name of LSA!
As soon as LSA nominations are announced, controversies often arise, and this year was no exception. Earlier, there was a significant outcry regarding the nominations, particularly the absence of the nation's heartthrob, Wahaj Ali, from the list of nominees. When we inquired with the organizers, they explained that Wahaj's PR manager had not submitted his portfolio, and the channel had also not forwarded his drama for consideration by the LSA jury.

Last year, the nomination of Feroze Khan sparked a major uproar in the media industry, as many celebrities expressed their dissatisfaction with his nomination due to allegations of domestic abuse by his wife. Several celebrities even publicly declared their disassociation from the awards in protest. Despite all the controversy, Feroze Khan went on to win the award in 2022.

The LSA team's continued favoritism toward Feroze Khan was evident this year too, as he was once again awarded the title of 'Best Actor in Films. The award was given to him for a film that he disowned at the time of release and even didn’t take part in promotional activities. When his name was announced as the winner, a hush fell over the hall, and people looked on in disbelief, unable to believe what they had just heard. Even Reema Khan and Asif Raza Mir, who had come to announce the winner, were visibly stunned by the outcome. Many believed that Fahad Mustafa, the host of LSA 2023, was the most deserving candidate for the award due to his outstanding performance in "Quaid e Azam Zindabad," but the jury made a different decision.

Sajal Aly and Farhan Saeed raises questions on awards credibility
Soon after the awards, the singer turned actor Farhan Saeed took to Instagram to share his two cents on the matter. The actor was nominated in the category of “The Best Actor in TV” for his popular play, Mere Humsafar. However, Bilal Abbas won the award for Hum TV serial Dobara. Responding to it, Farhan wrote on Instagram, “If you had to fix it, it could have been done intelligently at least #LSA2023! I don’t say this for myself but for anyone who deserves a fair chance at winning for their hard work at any platform.

Sajal Aly also shared a detailed post on social media, emphasizing that prestigious awards should be based on talent rather than personal connections. She suggested to introduce a separate category for technical crew and actors in supporting roles. Coming to the awards Yumna Zaidi turned out to the most successful performer of the year as she took home two trophies. Veteran actress Marina Khan was given Lux Changemaker's Award.

Here is the full list of winners at the 22nd LSAs.


Emerging Talent of the Year
Abeer Asad

Fashion Model of the Year (Male/Female)
Maha Tahirani

Fashion Forward Brand of the Year
Hussain Rehar

Fashion Photographer/ Videographer of the Year
Aleena Naqvi

Fashion Hair and Make-up Artist of the Year
Sunil Nawab

Fashion Stylist of the Year
Tabesh Khoja

Most Stylish Musician of the Year
Meesha Shafi


Film of the Year

Best Film Actor of the Year
Feroze Khan - Tich Button

Best Film Actor of the Year Female
Saba Qamar - Kamli

Film Playback Song of the Year
Peela Rung - Parde Mein Rehne Do


Best Film Director of the Year
Sarmad Sultan Khoosat – Kamli

Best Film of the Year
Quaid E Azam Zindabad


Singer of the Year
Ali Sethi - Pasoori

Song of the Year
Kahani Suno - Kaifi Khalil

Most Streamed Song of the Year
Pasoori - Ali Sethi and Shae Gill


Music Producer of the Year
Abdullah Siddiqui and Xulfi - Pasoori


Best TV Play
Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi

Best TV Long Serial

Best TV Actor (Male)
Arsalan Naseer – Paristan

Best TV Actor
Yumna Zaidi – Bakhtawar

Best Original Soundtrack
Mere Humsafar


Best Emerging Talent
Dananeer Mobeen – Sinf-e-Aahan

Best Ensemble Play

Best TV Actor (Male)
Bilal Abbas Khan - Dobara

Best TV Actor (Female)
Yumna Zaidi – Bakhtwar

Best TV Director
Saife Hasan – Sang-e-Mah

Best TV Play Writer
Mustafa Afridi – Sang-e-Mah