It’s heartbreaking... the generational pain and trauma and it continues… the world failed #Palestine we failed the women and children of Palestine… helpless… under siege… at all times… We can’t even imagine the tiniest fraction of their suffering… while we live in this free world… #FreePalestine

Israel continues its bombardment of the Gaza Strip killing many Palestinians. The Israeli airstrikes and decision to cut off water and power supply to the already besieged Gaza Strip have the residents on edge. Mawra Hussain is heartbroken like all of us with the inhumane treatment of Palestinians over the hands of Israelis.

Today, on #WorldAnimalDay, a silent art protest was planned outside Karachi Zoo to support Rano, a Himalayan Brown bear in captivity. Rano was snatched from her natural habitat as a cub and has spent her entire life languishing in a cage at the zoo. The event aimed to raise awareness about her plight and advocate for her return to a bear sanctuary where she can finally experience a more humane life. However, the protest had to be cancelled due to it being "ladies day" at the zoo. Please, stop supporting this place!

No animal in a zoo should suffer. Ushna Shah calls out the administration of Karachi zoo as they recently cancelled a silent art protest planned to support a Himalayan Brown bear being kept in captivity. The treatment and conditions of the animals in the Karachi zoo have been criticised many a times by different animal rights organisations.

Award shows are great way to appreciate art and artists. I would like to request the LSA to honour technical teams like DOPs and their very hard working teams who create magic for us, us actors and for the audiences who see us on screen. #LSA2023

Sajal Ali recently took to Instagram to share her profound disappointment with the LSA 2023 nominations. She went on to highlight the contributions of the behind the camera teams for a production and wants the management to recognise their efforts and honour them accordingly.