Mikaal Zulfiqar speaks out against Bollywood’s exploitation of Pakistani actors


Actor Mikaal Zulfiqar expressed his discontent with the way Bollywood exploits Pakistani actors. His candid remarks came during a guest appearance on Mohib Mirza’s The Knock Knock Show. During the show, Mohib talked about Pakistani stars nowadays would jump at the opportunity to work in Bollywood, but Mikaal is not one of those people. Mikaal, who has worked in India, openly shared his reservations about taking on any Bollywood projects. He cited his prior experience working in Bollywood, expressing his displeasure at the way Indian filmmakers would often casts Lollywood actors in offensive stereotypical roles that portray Pakistanis negatively. The Fraud actor stated, “Bollywood takes advantage of Pakistani actors. They will either cast them in a way that perpetuates offensive stereotypes or relegate them to supporting or inconspicuous roles. There’s often a lack of substantial or leading roles given to Pakistani actors.” Mikaal went on to describe this approach as exploitative and not conducive to fostering a sense of equality in the industry. He emphasised the need for the newer generation of actors to be discerning when it comes to Bollywood opportunities and to prioritise their own industry.