TV Series
As we reconnect with the Worsley family, Christmas brings a chilly atmosphere. Paul and Ally's visit to the pub reaffirms that they're only staying together for the sake of their children, setting the stage for potential awkwardness during a festive gathering. Nevertheless, revelations from their closest friends and family might alter the situation. The on-screen chemistry between the main actors, Martin Freeman and Daisy Haggard, propels this comedy forward.

Unreported World: Kenya’s Christian Death Cult
This documentary series is commencing its 45th season, a notable milestone considering the consistently distressing narratives it unveils and its less-than-optimistic Friday evening time slot. Symeon Brown is currently in Kenya, diligently tracking the story of Pastor Paul Mackenzie, who stands accused of leading numerous followers to their demise through starvation.

Have I Got News for You
TV Panel Show
Bill Bailey takes on hosting duties this week, but if you're concerned that his amiable demeanor might soften the incisive political commentary, rest assured. British-Malawian comedian Daliso Chaponda is set to make a memorable debut on Have I Got News for You, and Ian Hislop remains a steadfast and sharp-witted presence on the show.

Jon & Lucy’s Odd Couples
Reality Show
The celebrity couples encounter the ultimate test of intimacy when tasked with assembling flatpack furniture together. Jamie Laing and Sophie Habboo's highbrow tastes steer them clear of Ikea, with predictably amusing results. Meanwhile, Marcus Brigstocke and Rachel Parris also find themselves grappling with some assembly issues.

The Great Amazon Heist
TV Program
Writer and filmmaker Oobah Butler is known for his daring exploits. Throughout his career, he transformed his garden shed into the top-ranked restaurant on TripAdvisor and successfully bluffed his way into Paris Fashion Week. In this endeavor, he ventures to infiltrate Amazon to investigate working conditions. Subsequently, he shifts his focus to the company's algorithm, testing whether he can propel a counterfeit product to the number one spot.