What’s to watch on Netflix?

  • 28 Oct - 03 Nov, 2023
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A new month looms on the horizon which means lots of new movies coming to Netflix! Here are our top picks of the best and most anticipated new movies that are due to hit your screen in Pakistan this month.

Hurricane Season (2023)
Coming to Netflix: November 1st
Originally known as “Temporada de Huracanes” in Spanish, it's adapted from the book of the same name by Fernanda Melchor. It is about four souls in search of redemption confront the relentless storm of their destiny in a world where violence fills a space that should belong to love. From filmmaker Elisa Miller, starring Paloma Alvamar, Andrés Cordova, Ernesto Melendez, Kat Rigoni, and Edgar Treviño. The book has an eerie opener: "Hurricane Season takes place in a world filled with mythology and violence - real violence, the kind that seeps into the soil, poisoning everything around: it’s a world that becomes more terrifying and more terrifyingly real the deeper you explore it." If that doesn't get your attention, then perhaps the footage will? Showcasing some superb cinematography – it's worth a look.

Locked In (2023)
Coming to Netflix: November 1st
Netflix has a brand new British Original movie called Locked In, which is being directed by Nour Wazzi, and written by Rowan Joffe. Here is the synopsis of the movie, “Follows Lina against her brittle, damaged mother-in-law, Katherine. An affair sets Lina onto a journey of secrecy, betrayal and murder and a plot to seemingly destroy her. But who is the real victim?”

All The Light We Cannot See (Limited Series)
Coming to Netflix: November 2nd
It is based on the Anthony Doerr novel of the same name that follows the story of Marie-Laure, a blind French girl, and her father as they navigate German-occupied Paris during World War II. Steven Knight adapted the book. This story is both timeless and timely, unabashedly human and emotional.

NYAD (2023)
Coming to Netflix: November 3rd
Diana Nyad doesn’t give up. In the new film NYAD, Annette Bening plays the irrepressible swimmer who sets out to complete a swim from Cuba to Florida 32 years after her first attempt ended in failure. At the age of 60, and with the help of a resilient crew, Nyad is determined to finish what she started when she was 28 years old.