Israel bombed a hospital, a HOSPITAL! Killing more than 500 people. This is a WAR CRIME! “If you cannot lift the injustice, at least tell everyone about it.” #Gaza #FreePalestine

An Israeli airstrike on a Gaza hospital compound which health officials there said killed more than 500 people, on October 17, has provoked outrage and condemnation from around the world. Saba Qamar is enraged over this brutal massacre against defenseless Palestinians.

What we find hard to merely watch is what Palestinian people are facing every second while the world sleeps… they suffer… ya Khuda rehem… Children of Palestine are helpless, people in Palestine have no access to water, food, medical aid or breathable air… Praying for them… #Gaza_Genocide @UN @UNHumanRights

Israel’s strict blockade has cut off vital resources and left the Palestinian territory facing a humanitarian disaster. Power is off, clean water is scarce, and the last fuel for hospital emergency generators could expire, leaving Gaza in a complete crisis. Mawra Hussain is praying for the ones who are suffering.

It's so heartbreaking and sad! Innocent people and especially innocent kids are losing their lives. Praying for Palestine and their Muslims. Everyone in the Muslim World has a Duty to Support Palestine. Palestine and Gaza are manifestations of Islam’s Power. #Palestine

Hiba Bukhari is heartbroken over the unprecedented situation in Gaza. The silence of the Muslim world is extremely shattering, it is about time for all the Muslim countries to unite and put strict sanctions on Israel pressurising them for an immediate ceasefire.