Humayun Saeed
Congratulations to Pakistan football team on their win against Cambodia and on qualifying for round two of the FIFA World Cup qualifiers. Best wishes!

sehar khan
Disturbing images and videos shatter my heart. My deepest sympathies to our brothers, sisters, and little kids. This is not about Muslims VS Jews, its humanity VS illegal mass murder. Pray for Palestine. Speak out and raise awareness using your platforms. #StandForHumanity

Bilal Saeed
Standing in solidarity with #Gaza we condemn the violence and loss of innocent lives. It's time to end the cycle of suffering and work towards a just and peaceful resolution for #Palestine where every child can grow up in safety and dignity.

Zara Noor Abbas
The world is just going to sit there and watch while hundreds of children and adults will die. And scroll through the social media to watch the Pakistan India match and post another reel while someone’s entire world will be put on fire. Thank you for the sentiment.

Frieha Altaf
26 Times! This Muslim child was stabbed! When you spew hate, racism, oppression you get violence. Wake up World. Stop this Genocide! Stop killing the civilians and children. #GazaAttack