OnePlus officially launches its debut foldable, the $1,699 OnePlus Open

The OnePlus Open is the first foldable from Oppo sub-brand OnePlus. Preorders start for $1,699. Although the Open is a first for the OnePlus brand, it’s pitching the device as a collaborative project with parent company Oppo. It means the OnePlus Open is effectively a third-generation foldable and will even be sold as the Oppo Find N3 in the company’s home market. But OnePlus is keen to emphasise the OnePlus-y inclusion of an alert slider on the foldable, which it sees as one of the brand’s signature features. One of the Open’s more eye-catching specs is that it’s been tested to survive a million folding cycles, roughly five times what its major competitors. As well as emphasising durability, OnePlus is also touting the size of the Open at just 5.8mm thin when unfolded and weighing as little as 239 grams when choosing the black vegan leather-backed version. The inner folding screen of the OnePlus Open measures 7.82 inches, with a resolution of 2440 x 2268, a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz, and a peak brightness of 2,800 nits.