Ghana Ali - Slaying In Contemporary Fashion

In the world of fashion buzzwords, one bandied around on the daily is “contemporary.” Meant to describe labels with a designer aesthetic, having a modern twist and more accessible. Not to mention that contemporary lines still boast that oh-so-coveted designer aesthetic and quality craftsmanship – perfect if you’re looking to break away from the usual suspects in fast fashion retail.

People are gravitating toward innovative fabrics and silhouettes in which a drape or structure combines traditional and western aesthetics, allowing us to create one-of-a-kind and intriguing ensembles. This has created a free-for-all environment for experimentation.

Designers often mix traditional and contemporary elements to create new and innovative styles. For example, they might take a traditional garment, such as a sari or kimono, and incorporate contemporary fabrics, patterns, or silhouettes to give it a modern twist.

You'll see flirty dresses, bright colours and prints, fitted pieces, crop tops, and styles that are considered trendy and fashion forward. Not all contemporary pieces are casual, but they all do generally have a youthful twist. Contemporary pieces are often made with higher-quality fabrics than lower-priced lines, which attributes to their cost. Have a look at these chic outfits which can be worn at formal events for you to nail your look.

• Hair & Makeup: Hina Muzaffar
• Designer: Lia by Anny Agha
• Photography & Styling: Zafar Ali