Nauman Ijaz speaks out against people judging those silent on the Gaza crisis

Don’t judge

Renowned actor and talk show host Nauman Ijaz has asked people to not judge each other based on their social media posts about Palestine. Pakistani celebrities have been using their platforms to express their solidarity with Palestine and the people of Gaza through social media activism, sharing posts and #FreePalestine to voice their support. The Parizaad star stated he too feels the pain and heartache of the people suffering in Gaza, and asked everyone to stop ostracising and judging those who don’t advertise their feelings online with hashtags or changing their display pictures to a Palestinian flag. Nauman Ijaz stated, “i Zaroori nahi jo status lagaey wohi Palestine ke gham mei shareek hai… Kash ke tum log dil ke zakham ko mehsoos ker patey… But kahan, humain to eshtihar bazi achi lagti hai… stop judging people.” The situation in Palestine has become a major global concern as Israeli forces continue their bombardment of Gaza, resulting in the tragic loss of thousands of innocent lives in their ongoing genocide. Additionally, the Israeli blockade has left Palestinians grappling with a lack of essential resources, including water and electricity, while international aid to the region remains severely limited.