Prayers for those suffering… those who have lost their children, their entire families, those who don’t have homes, those who are in pain every single second and especially for those who are ignorant and misinformed about the suffering around them. May the universe be kind to us all.

Mahira Khan is sending her prayers for all the innocent Palestinians who are suffering in these extremely testing times. Israel is committing a genocide and no one bats an eye. This is the most heartbreaking thing to ever witness. World leaders should unite and pressurise them for an immediate ceasefire.

Can’t begin to imagine the pain of Palestinians. No home, no food, no water and for some, no family. This is against the humanitarian law. Where are all the Muslim leaders in times like these? #FreePalestine

Kinza Hashmi asks the world leaders especially the heads of Muslim countries to take strict measures that too as soon as possible as Israel is committing serious war crimes in Gaza wanting to ethnically cleanse the innocent Palestinians.

So what if I never get to audition for that Hollywood special everyone thinks they have a shot at, so what if I never again get a commercial for a multi-national or become the face of the big beauty-brand. When my descendants look back at this years from now, they’ll find me on the right side of history. Continue to worship your “both sides” idols if you like, just know that these statements are curated by PR teams for people I like to call cowards with no substance. #freePalestine

Ushna Shah has literally won us over with this tweet. Celebrities from the entertainment industry when taking both sides symbolise nothing else but pure hypocrisy. Whether for their global brand endorsements or potential future international projects one has to be on the right side no matter what.