• 11 Nov - 17 Nov, 2023
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It’s no wonder boxing workouts have gotten so popular over the years. They offer a winning combination of high-intensity cardio, energizing music, and stress-busting punches. The best part? You don’t actually have to duke it out in the ring for 12 rounds.

What Is a Boxing Workout?
Fitness boxing is typically somewhat different from the sport of boxing (though both certainly provide a workout). Instead of taking punches in the ring, with a fitness boxing class you’re generally throwing punches at a punching bag or at the air (known as shadowboxing). This way, you get the health benefits of a traditional boxing workout without suffering head trauma.

Gear: Equipment You’ll Need for Boxing
There are a few items you’ll need before you begin boxing. Here, boxing coaches offer their recommendations to help you narrow your options.

Boxing bag
If you’re boxing at home, you can shadowbox or use a boxing bag (also known as a punching bag). If you prefer to use a boxing bag, there are two primary types of bags you can choose from: hanging and standing. Most people get standing bags if they’re buying one for home, because standing bags don’t need to be hung but standing bags typically provide less resistance and tend to tip when struck, which interferes with the flow and rhythm of your workout.

Hand wraps
If you’re going to hit a boxing bag – whether at home or in a studio – you’ll need hand wraps and boxing gloves to protect your hands and wrists.

While there are boxing-specific shoes on the market, any cross-training shoe should suffice. We would suggest something snug with a flat sole to help you stay balanced and secure.

Hand weights
Hand weights shouldn’t be used by beginners. More experienced boxers sometimes use them to add resistance to shadowboxing workouts.

Jump rope
A jump rope isn’t necessary, but it’s a great tool for adding a conditioning element in between bouts at the bag. It also teaches the timing, rhythm, and coordination you need in boxing.

How to Get Started With Boxing Workouts
Look for a Beginner Class
Before you can find your rhythm in a boxing class, you’ll need to learn the basic punches. And a beginner-friendly boxing class offers the ideal learning environment.
To find one, search for boxing studios in your area or see if your local gym offers boxing classes. Then, look for words like “beginner,” “fundamentals,” or “all levels” in class titles or descriptions. You can also call the gym or studio to ask if a certain class is beginner-friendly.

Start With a Studio Before Boxing at Home
If you’d prefer to box at home, you should still start by taking a few boxing classes at a studio so you can learn the proper technique and footwork. While there are plenty of online tutorials and classes, it’s hard to learn technique without having someone there to coach you.