60 Seconds With Mamya Shajaffar

In the ever-evolving world of Pakistani showbiz, one name that continues to shine brightly is Mamya Shajaffar, also known as Maham Shahid Jaffar. This multi-talented individual has carved her own path to stardom, captivating audiences with her modelling, dancing, and acting prowess. Mamya’s journey in the world of entertainment began with a bang. Known for her sassy and confident personality, she quickly made a name for herself as an internet sensation, capturing the hearts of fans with her striking beauty and undeniable charisma. Her role in the drama serial Meesni propelled her into the limelight, and she hasn’t looked back since. One of the defining moments of her career was her recent performance alongside the heartthrob Ali Zafar at the Lux Style Awards in 2023. The starlet joined MAG for a fun rapid fire. Excerpts:

Which celeb would you want as your BFF and why?
I would want Keanu Reeves to be my best friend, does his own thing and has a bit of sadness to his life I think we’d connect on the trauma bit.

What's the best present you ever received?
My dog.

What's the last thing you watched on Netflix?
Breaking Bad Season 1 episode 6 just started watching it.

What do you consider as your ultimate comfort food?
Cheesesteak brisket.

The best part of the day for you is?
Morning cuddles or late night tv and snacking.

If stuck on an island, you would?
If stuck on an island I would befriend animals, drink fresh coconut water, and if I have company, I’d just stay there.

Life for you is...
Life for me is quite full, full of memories, love, sadness, desires, it’s wholesome.

Your best memory to-date is...
I can’t choose one memory, it’s unfair to my entire life. But if I had to choose from this year, it would be when my dad told me he was proud of me, I felt overwhelmed and complete.

If you have to interview a celebrity, who would it be?
Al Pacino or Kris Jenner.

Your first celebrity crush was?
Ian Somerhalder.

Your guilty pleasure?
Watching trash tv shows.

Social media is…
Social media is anything you use it for.

Best vacation memory of yours?
It has to be between Spain 2018 or the road trip around Vienna and Budapest.