We are deeply saddened but just know we can’t ever be more heartbroken than our team… we are not in their shoes… this is not the time for blame game.. Just accept what fate had in store for us! Be graceful about it.. It’s a game at the end of the day… Always behind my team… to better times!

Mawra Hussain is backing up our boys in green like always! With continuous defeat in the currently ongoing Cricket World cup 2023, we the fans our heartbroken but this is not the time to put blame on them. Instead, we should back our national team in their difficult phase. Also, our team’s victory against Bangladesh has rejoiced us nonetheless.

Deporting refugees who seek shelter here will not make our fundamental issues go away. It looks like we are deflecting blame from challenges that the government or the country overall is facing. At a time like this in the world right now, we need to show more mercy. @GovtofPakistan

Millions of Afghans have crossed the border during decades of conflict, making Pakistan the host of one of the world’s largest refugee populations. Pakistan has now ordered 1.7 million Afghans living in the country irregularly to leave or be deported. Actress Sanam Saeed stated that deporting refugees from the country is not a solution to our issues and we must show mercy in these difficult times.

I OPPOSE the policies and practices of the Israeli government. The people of Palestine have been oppressed, besieged and denied their human rights for DECADES. This genocide needs to STOP. However, it brings me NO joy to see civilian casualties even on the side of the oppressor.

Israel has waged war on Palestinians for decades. Countless lives lost and maimed in body and spirit. Land and homes stolen by the Israeli forces. Livelihoods and ancient traditions destroyed. Momina Mustehsan calls for this inhumane genocide to stop. An immediate ceasefire is the only solution as the continuous bombardment by the IDF has cause countless casualties.