zhalay sarhadi
How can a group of people rejoice after murdering children and talk about wiping out “species” with a psychotic song and dance and in turn disrespect the memory of their own murdered ancestors, who were killed in exactly the same manner? It baffles me. #FreePalestine #GazaGenocide

Azekah Daniel
A twelfth century Church was bombed in #Gaza! Enemies of humanity and history need to stop this massacre NOW! #PalestinianGenocide

Adnan Siddiqui
Terrifying development cutting off internet access so that Gaza remains voiceless. Picture families separated, worried, and unable to reach out for comfort! Praying for everyone.

Last night we came across a sizeable demonstration in downtown Toronto for the Palestinians. To our surprise, it was being led by South Indians, the protestors looked visibly upset by the massacre of little children. They told us they absolutely DEPLORE the BJP and most South Indians support Palestine. It was so heartening to see and no they weren’t Muslims.

Ali Zafar
Where are some of those self-proclaimed women and human rights activists, now settled or working abroad, (some in Hollywood)? Any statements, activism and awareness campaigns for the women and children of Gaza? #Hypocrites #Gaza #GazaGenocide