Most Wanted in New York

  • 11 Nov - 17 Nov, 2023
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Fiction

“So, you’re planning to dump us all?”

“Don’t worry Gia, you’re my friend I won’t betray you. You and I will walk out together. The only thing we need is Mr. Gilbert’s laptop.”

“Why that?”

“That black laptop has all the information I need. About where he has hidden all the wealth and important documents.”

“But I thought he had already shared that with you.”

“He hasn’t. He’s lies to you all that he has shared it with me. But the truth is that the entire information is only in his laptop. The surprising thing to know is that he hasn’t set any password for that laptop. He just always keeps it close to himself. And obviously we all are too afraid to even have a glance of something that’s too close to him.”

“Such as Justin,” she spoke with sarcasm.

“Oh Justin, don’t worry about him. I’ll kill him with my own hands. Trust me I’m not afraid to kill him or Mr. Gilbert. It’s just matter of time. Someone has to die!”

 The following day inside Mr. Gilbert’s room, Justin, Linda and some other important gang members were standing. For a whole ten minutes Mr. Gilbert remained silent trying to create some terror. Then he picked up a glass and broke the silence through the glass throwing it towards the ground. The members got a bit terrified.

“It’s someone among you,” he spoke pointing his finger towards them, “I know it. There’s someone who is working as a police informer here. And I’m going to find out.”

Everyone remained silent. Justin showed no sign of fear and Linda remained calm despite that she knew that she herself was the culprit.

“The moment I found out,” Mr. Gilbert continued, “who’s ratting us out, I won’t spare him or anyone who’s supporting him.”

Justin kept his cell phone on the table and left in front of them showing a little disrespect for Mr. Gilbert. Mr. Gilbert got angry seeing him go but he didn’t stop him knowing that his answers would only insult him in front of his own gang.

Linda however, looked at Justin’s cell phone that was kept on the table. She went towards it and picked it up. She turned around to see whether Justin was coming back or not. As she went through the gallery, she found an interesting video clip that kind of surprised her.

Inside Mr. Gilbert’s room, Linda turned around to see whether Justin was coming back or not. Holding his cell phone she went through the gallery, she found an interesting video clip that kind of surprised her. She immediately sent the video clip to her own cell phone through Bluetooth.

Before Justin returned, she kept his phone on the table. As Mr. Gilbert had stopped speaking and had moved back to sit, Linda made her way out of the room. On her way out, she saw Justin making his way back in.

Minutes later at some other floor of the building, Linda stood and watched the video that she just took from Justin’s cell phone.

The video started with Justin who had just started the video recorder using the front camera. He was fixing his cell phone somewhere inside his house through which the video was being recorded. After he had done fixing, he heard his door bell. The door was quite visible on the video. He went to answer the gate. As he answered the gate, it was his twin brother Jackson.

Linda got quite shocked to see his look alike brother.

In the video, Justin allowed Jackson to come inside. Jackson came straight to the point:

“My brother what are you doing? Why are you getting involved in such criminal activities?”

Justin did not reply and went to get his cell phone but Jackson stopped him holding his hand from behind.

“Answer me Justin!” Jackson demanded.

“Look, I’m sorry but I have no other way to earn.”

“I’ll get you a job, I promise. But please leave this world of crime. You know what happened to Dad while he served these criminals.”

“I am not weak,” Justin replied. “I am stronger and smarter than all the other gang members I work with. No one can backstab me, the way our father was backstabbed.”

Upset Jackson stopped for a moment and then said:

“If cops are going to come and ask me about you, I won’t keep my mouth shut then. I will tell where they can find the most wanted criminal. I will tell them where he lives and how he can be caught.”

Justin walked towards the cell phone and stopped the video recorder.

The video ended. Linda was too amazed after seeing this.

Now where can I find his’ brother?

 Jackson was sitting upset in his room. He was a bit furious as well. Diane came to the room and before she could speak, their doorbell rang twice. Jackson looked up and getting curious asked Diane:

“Could you answer that please?”

“Sure,” she said turning around and making her way.

“Stop!” Jackson stood up and walked ahead of her, “I’ll see who it is.”

Jackson reached the exit and answered the gate. It was Linda. Jackson didn’t know her so he asked:

“May I help you?”

“You are Justin’s brother, aren’t you?”

Jackson moved back a bit and answered:

“Yes, I am!”

“May I come in please?” she asked.

Diane came closer and asked Jackson:

“Who is she?”

“I don’t know,” Jackson answered.

“I am a colleague of your brother,” Linda replied. “I work for Gilbert Brown.”

“What do you want from us?” Jackson asked.

“Actually, I want to help you.”

Jackson looked at his wife and she nodded her head reluctantly. Jackson looked back at Linda and said:

“Alright, come in.”

Next minute the three of them were seated in the lounge. Jackson and Diane were on one couch and Linda was sitting on another. So Linda began:

“Your brother is very close to Mr. Gilbert and the more he is closer to him, the greater he is a danger to our city.”

“I don’t know what I can do,” Jackson said holding his face with both hands, “I tried talking to him but he won’t listen to me.”

“You cannot convince him. He is determined to earn money and he has traded his soul for it.”

“Oh, God!”

“I want you guys to help me get him arrested.”

“What?” Diane asked getting surprised.

“I am willing to surrender to cops,” she lied. “I can’t carry anymore burden on my conscience. I have done enough crimes and I want myself to change. But at the same time, I want Justin behind the bars too. He is a bigger criminal and a bigger threat to our city.”

“I’m sorry, we can’t help you with that,” Jackson replied feeling helpless.

“Why can’t you?”

“I just can’t. He is my family.”

“Oh…And what about the families that have been destroyed, because of him?”

“I can’t help,” Jackson answered. “Do whatever you like. Get him arrested or whatever, I won’t stop you.”

“It’s not that easy,” Linda said honestly for the first time, “he is too smart for that. I need your support in this.”

Jackson remained silent not knowing what to say.

“Honey,” Diane said putting her hand over Jackson’s shoulder. “I think we should help her. It’s for Justin’s own good.”

“I do not trust her,” Jackson spoke out loudly looking at Diane.

He stood up afterwards and started to walk away.

“Don’t go,” Linda commanded, “I’m leaving.”

Jackson turned to see. She stood up and before leaving handed over her card to him saying:

“Call me if you change your mind.”

Jackson took it gently but he didn’t really like her so he didn’t show any courtesy of escorting her towards the door.

 Days later inside the police station, Detective Kennedy was sitting furious next to his desk. He was wondering how he could get his hands on Mr. Gilbert’s business and bring an end to more than fifty percent of New York’s crime.

Some cop came by and told him:

“Sir, Justin’s men are very rigid. They have revealed that they were led by Justin that day, but they are not willing to tell us the location of Mr. Gilbert’s office.”

“What about Justin’s house?”

“They’re saying they don’t know about it. Nobody in their gang knew about it probably.”

“You know there’s a traitor in their gang. She informed us about that deal inside the mall, the other day. So this woman, I suppose can tell us about Mr. Gilbert’s whereabouts or Justin’s house.”

“So how can we trace her? She obviously didn’t call us through her own number.”

“Well, just try that number,” the detective suggested. “I’ll figure out something.”

 Mr. Gilbert and Justin were sitting alone in the room. They were having some drinks. Mr. Gilbert was in fine mood. Justin spoke while having his drink:

“Whom do you suspect?”

“I’m sorry, come again!”

“Who is the traitor in our gang according to you?”

“Can’t say…In an organised crime anyone can be a traitor.”

Justin chuckled teasingly and said:

“You call this an organised crime?”

“So what else would you call it?” Mr. Gilbert asked a bit annoyingly.

“This is not how an organised crime works, the way we do. But I do know how to make it an organisation.”

“Really? What would you have to do to make it an organisation?”

“Not just me, we all will have to work together for it. We need stronger teamwork. Better quality equipment and we need to hire more men in order to improve our performance.”

Mr. Gilbert was kind of impressed by his words but he didn’t show it. He however, said:

“Go on, what else?”

“We need to get public.”


“If we can be in public’s good eyes then we can get public’s support. And public’s support is the greatest security. Security from cops.”

“Oh come on, why on earth would public support criminals like us?”

“No, not us as criminals. But as good people. In public, we would be social workers who’d help people for free. But behind their backs, we would be worse than what we are now today.”

“…I like the sound of that,” Mr. Gilbert replied after thinking for a moment. “But how, I mean have you thought of any such things that we can do?”

“I have, we can do a lot in few months. But first, I want that traitor out of our gang.”

“Yes, we need to find him out. It can be more than one. Tell you what, the moment you find him, bring him to me. And then I’ll set him up as an example.”

“What are you planning to do with him exactly?”

“I’m going to make him suffer. I will torment him. He’ll wish to die but I’m going to…”

“…And what if he,” Justin interrupted making his point, “is actually a she!”

“A she?” he repeated after him.

“You know what I mean…”

“No, I don’t think so…women in our gang are sharp minded but not too courageous.”

“To betray criminals like us, sharp minds are required. Do you get it?”

Considering his point, Mr. Gilbert realised Justin was right.

 Linda was driving her car. She appeared to be quite angry about something. She got distracted as she heard her cell phone ringing. It was some unknown number. She however answered the call:


“Hello, Miss Linda!” Jackson spoke from the other line, “it’s me Jackson.”

“Oh, hi Mr. Jackson,” she got delighted hearing his voice. “How are you?”

“Ma’am, can you come to my place tonight? We need to talk about Justin.”

“Sure, definitely!” she got delighted hearing this.

“Alright, I’ll see you then at nine o’clock.”

“Sure, bye!”

She disconnected the call and stopped her vehicle applying brakes. She wondered by herself:

Now that I have this chance, I must use Jackson properly and get Justin out of our gang for good.

 Later during that night, Jackson and Diane were waiting until they heard their doorbell. Diane went to answer it and as expected saw Linda outside. She allowed him to enter inside. Diane led her way towards their guest room where Jackson was waiting for her.

“Come, sit!” Jackson said looking at Linda.

Linda sat on the couch opposite to him.

“I have two questions regarding Justin’s arrest.”